With monovision, one eye is fit with a distance lens (if needed) and the other eye is fit with a near lens, providing clear vision for both distance vision and near.

At first glance, monovision seems very strange. But unusual as it seems, most people receive amazing results.  We won’t put the patient in this state without a first try in contact lenses or glasses.  Although it takes a week or 2 to adapt to monovision, it beats reaching for reading glasses every time you want to read. Interestingly, patients who have enjoyed monovision with their contact lenses may be able to enjoy the benefits of monovision with a monofocal lense.  Monovision with monofocal lenses aims to achieve the same corrected vision that you receive from monovision contact lenses, without the contact lenses in your eyes. In monovision with monofocal lenses, one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near.