Since its foundation in 1991, ChirurgiVision’s main mission has always been to offer its clientele a highly professional, considerate and personalized service. Consequently, numerous people have chosen to simplify their lives by getting rid of their glasses or contact lenses.


Dr. Francis Roy, ophthalmologist specialized in refractive surgery, is the first in the province of Quebec to perform LASIK surgery. He is also the medical director of the ChirurgiVision clinic. He is assisted by a most competent team who were especially trained to meet patients’ needs. Renowned as a precursor by the professionals in his field, Dr. Roy regularly participates in clinical trial protocols, thus allowing a higher number of people to benefit from the latest advancement in technology. These protocols are done with great professionalism under the supervision of an ethic committee.


ChirurgiVision is a completely private clinic, equipped with sophisticated equipment, including a modern operating room meeting all the government standards. We offer complete services, be it for refractive or cataract surgery.


Thousands of surgeries have been performed at ChirurgiVision. Right from the start, our success has been based on people’s trust and the quality of care given.